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I'm Molly Balint.

Mama of four girls, farmer of sheep, collector of family stories, curator of lovely things. With all this free time on my hands I also freelance write and bring old houses back to life.  

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    By Julia Child, Alex Prud'Homme: My Life in France
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I've moved!

Hello friends! If you're still following MommyCoddle in this space, chances are pretty good that you're missing all the latest news and updates. Please update your feeds by subscribing to the new RSS feed. Or follow the new MommyCoddle on bloglovin' by clicking on the widget below. Thanks! 


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The Dirty Work + a PSA

One of the things that's been on my to-do list for the past several months is to migrate my blog over to the most current version of Squarespace. Not only does it have great mobile apps for keeping tabs on my blog and ridiculously easy site customization (do I sound like a commercial)? it will also allow me to respond to your comments more personally, with threaded comments. Gah! I've been missing being able to respond to each one of you personally!  

But of course the move always makes me nervous. Last time I made a major blog change--moving from Typepad to Squarespace, I hit the big red button too quickly and in the process lost tons of my old subscribers who have slowly been creeping back to discover I'm still here. Rookie mistake.  

This time, I *think* I've got my ducks in a row but this is your warning: If my blog suddenly stops showing up in your feed reader COME BACK AND FIND ME. I'll still be no matter where my blog actually "lives" behind the scenes. And trust me, while I'm doing the dirty work in the next few days, I also have a new healthy chocolate recipe you're going to want to come back and discover. Yes, it's my new kick in the kitchen. You can thank me later. Healthy. Chocolate. You don't often hear those two words in the same sentence.

And if you're wondering about the picture above--it had something to do with a dare and a mud puddle in the driveway. She's a tough one, that Elizabeth. 

Come find me if I'm lost....and somebody hold my hand while I make the big switch?


Gracious words to begin your new year

I've been thinking a lot lately about the power of words. Not only things that are said out loud, but times when I hold my tongue and don't offer my thoughts. Or the words that are swirling around inside my head that I'm saying to myself. Or the words that come out of my mouth to my children....

At my last Bible study of the year, we passed around a basket full of rocks. On each rock one of my friends had painted a word. Each rock in the basket had a different word and we closed our eyes and drew one out of the pile. 

The word painted across my rock was 'WAIT'.

At first I couldn't think of any way that that little word applied to me. I didn't feel anxious about anything. I wasn't jumping into any decisions. I wasn't rushing anything.

But later that night, before we left, I started to share a few things I hoped my friends would pray about on my behalf. Patience. Wisdom about the things that came out of my mouth. That'd I'd be able to take a deep breath before reacting to emotional situations (Ummm, hello parenting of a preteen?) That I would think before I spoke. And in that instant I knew what my word would mean for me. WAIT. Wait for the right words--or at least better words. For more gracious words. For words that come from thoughtfulness not reactiveness. 

So I've been thinking a lot about words--the ones that come out of my mouth, or don't. And the ones that consume my thoughts. 

I keep a board on Pinterest called 'wise words'. And it is a place I visit often--scrolling through the images and text. Some speak to me in that moment in ways they didn't several weeks ago. Some seem to take anchor somewhere in my heart and I need to write them down or print them out and tack them to the wall. 

So I thought I'd start this year by sharing a few of my favorites with all of you. May your new year be filled with words that are sweet to the soul, healing to the bones. Happy New Year, friends. xo