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I'm Molly Balint.

Mama of four girls, farmer of sheep, collector of family stories, curator of lovely things. With all this free time on my hands I also freelance write and bring old houses back to life.  

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A printable New Year's Resolutions sheet for kids



Hi friends! It is SO good to be back here after taking what was initially an unintended blog break, that morphed into a much-needed and enjoyed sabbatical! This is one of my favorite times of the year, much like the beginning of the school year--a chance to start fresh, reflect, set new goals, and buy a new calendar and journal, of course!

We've been talking a lot about resolutions at the dinner table--just two days ago my kids learned that they are not, in fact called revolutions--though it might be interesting to start a few of those. Each night it seems like there's a new round of "I want to's..." shared at the table, so tomorrow I'm going to get the kids to put pen to paper and write down some of their thoughts.

Just tonight, Mary told us her resolutions were to Learn more wacky tricks. Improve her British accent. And work on better comebacks for her older sister. All admirable things--especially that british accent--but I'll be curious to see what happens on paper tomorrow. 

Like the worksheet we fill out at the beginning of every school year, I feel like these are precious little time capsules of my children's lives. They are a snapshot of what's important to them, where they are, and where they want to go. 

I will most likely follow suit. I have several resolutions swirling around in my head, but think I need to put them down on paper before we turn the page on a new year. 

I'm sharing our blank resolutions worksheet with all of you, too. There's room to write in your own prompts or let your kids come up with their own--what we will be doing is above. Simply click on the first worksheet image to download a pdf copy! 

And that beautiful Anne Frank's definitely a good thought to start off 2014. 


The Prowl // Pretty Thanksgiving Accessories

I always feel a little sorry for Thanksgiving. When I walked in to Starbucks this afternoon (my mobile office on Tuesdays and Thursdays)--I was bombarded by Christmas. What happened to Thanksgiving? It seems like the moment we turn the page on Halloween, Christmas gets permission to take over the retail world. 

And while my family may be guilty of a few Christmas  songs over dinner last night, I LOVE Thanksgiving and I like to give her her moment in the spotlight. 

Several weeks ago, I was asked by the lovely, Sheri, to be one of several bloggers to preview and play around with a brand new site from CafeMom called The Prowl. 

It's a place to gather and curate all kinds of lovely finds, grouped together into boards--much like Pinterest. But what I love about The Prowl, is the community aspect that isn't present on Pinterest. Users can ask and answer questions

For example--before I headed to SanFrancisco, I asked for some suggestions of "statement" necklaces that would go well with a chambray shirt I was planning to wear. Boom. I got awesome suggestions from other users on The Prowl. For Christmas this year, I want to get everyone in the family a funny mug. I asked on The Prowl and got bombarded with ideas--some great, some not so much (I'm talking to you, "tooting" travel mug.). 

 It's a combination of your girlfriends sitting on your bed helping you pick outfits that look good on you and those people on the internet who always seem to find the best stuff--all rolled into one. 

Back to Thanksgiving....this past week, I've joined up with The Prowl and Target to create a board of some of my favorite pretty Thanksgiving kitchen accessories and you can check them all out here. It's been tons of fun curate my own favorites for one of my favorite times of the year.

So if you haven't checked out The Prowl, go poke around, ask a few questions, check out the questions I've asked, and make sure you find me

*Full disclosure: I recieved compensation for my work with The Prowl + Target, however they did not ask me to share that here on my blog. But I think it's worth sharing with all of you!*


If you give a peacock a mirror

Oh my goodness, I disappeared! But sitting her tonight at my quiet desk with a "new post" window blinking in front of me (and as a matter of fact, a ladybug crawling across my screen), it feels so nice to be back here. I've been out to SanFrancisco for work at BabyCenter's offices. I've been fighting this walking pneumonia (still!), we've had trailrides through Woodlawn, family in town, outside projects, homeschool is full to overflowing. (And PS, I've made some plans to slow down come Winter. Saying 'no' is a very good thing.)

And while there's a lot of backtracking I could do, I had to pop on here tonight to say hello and show you a picture of one of the newest arrivals at Woodlawn. 

Harriet, earlier this summer.

Lee and his "wife" Harriet--a pair of young peacocks--were birthday gifts to me this summer from my sister. My grandmother had peacocks, and well, give me the gift of something my grandmother had...I'll be happy.

They were five months old when they were given to me--but it takes peacocks a year to get their full plumage. They live in a partioned off section of our chicken coop, since the chickens like to give them a hard time (understatement).

Sadly, late this fall, Harriet got pretty abused by a chicken that somehow got into the peacock's pen. 

And when the temps dropped drastically two weeks ago, we lost Harriet in the night.

Now, Lee is distraught without her. He paces and tries to get out of his pen to be with the chickens (who are so mean to him) and is lost without his mate. 

And let me tell you this, peacocks aren't a dime a dozen. It's hard to find a replacement peacock. And meanwhile Lee is pretty much breaking my heart on a daily basis. 

So last night after a 4-H meeting, Emma came home with the genius idea to put a mirror in his pen. So at the top of our to-do list today was a trip to Target for Lee's own personal looking glass. As if peacocks weren't vain enough, right? 

For now, we've tricked him. He's cooing to the bird in the mirror and attempting to make friends. But he hasn't completely given up on the chickens and his mirror bird seems to only be a temporary fix. So we're back on the trail for a new peacock friend. 

My to-do list looks something like this:

Make dinner

Do laundry

Pick up toys

Put an ad on craigslist for a peacock.

Yup, Woodlawn problems. I'll keep you updated on Lee and feathers crossed (ha) he finds a friend very soon.