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I'm Molly Balint.

Mama of four girls, farmer of sheep, collector of family stories, curator of lovely things. With all this free time on my hands I also freelance write and bring old houses back to life.  

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Meet the neighbors

Next door to Woodlawn is a house that is hidden down a long driveway and tucked into the trees. Oftentimes when we drive past it, I'll slow down hoping to get a sneak peek through trees to see what it really looks like.

The house is empty and deserted and has been for a very long time. It sits on what I consider to be one of the best views in our county. 

People who have lived here for a long time tell stories of the family that lived in the house. The man that we buy our hay from remembers making deliveries there. 

But one of the most common stories I hear is that the woman who last lived in the house eventually holed herself up in the kitchen while her grand home fell apart around her. 

My favorite part of the story, is that a piano on the third story of the house came crashing through the rotting floors to the basement. 

Today, the house stands empty. It gets just enough attention to keep it standing, I suppose. Occasionally a crew will show up and mow and trim down tree branches. Or we'll hear hammering and banging from next door. 

But I've never been up close to the house until last weekend. Out on a walk Sunday afternoon, Dan took us to the very edge of Woodlawn and we crossed on to the neighbor's property to get a closer look. I figure when you're neighbors it's not "technically" tresspassing, right? We're just keeping an eye on things. 

The house is unbelievably unique and beautiful. A stone mansion tucked back a long driveway. And I try to imagine it in its glory days. Now it sits quietly at rest and I wonder what the future holds for the old girl. 

It's probably obvious that I love old houses. This one included--though maybe I have a new appreciation for the work involved. 

I'd love to see this place loved again some day. If not, I have a little girl who tells me she plans to move in next door and fix the place up when she grows up. Oh my.



Glasses, glasses!

Good afternoon, friends! I'm popping on to say hello and because my glasses are here and I realized I never shared my final decision with all of you. Despite the fact that so many of you loved #3 (which was my definite 'no'), I ended up going with #2, Zagg

And I have to say I'm pretty much in love with them, despite my subdued smile below (the day before I found out I had Walking Pneumonia!)  

Thank you so much for your input! Now, it's Dan's turn...getting ready to order him 5 pairs to try-on, too. 

Happy Tuesday, more soon.... 


Rubber boots and other things to be thankful for

I finally broke down and took my annoying, non-stop cough to the doctor this week. Turns out I was sick--walking pneumonia to be exact. I may have even said something like, "Are you sure?!" to the nice walk-in clinic doctor. 

But I guess that would explain the cough, not to mention the general lack of "get up and go" these past two weeks. So now, I'm just over 48 hours into my antibiotics and the haze is starting to lift and I'm remembering that yes, at some point, I did lead a mildly productive life after all. 

In the midst of the piled up laundry and forsaken school work and the mess, oh the mess!, I'm finding that the lifting of the veil of sickness makes for a very grateful heart. 

A few things on my gratitude list to usher me into the weekend....

*Stepping over the laundry to take this little person outside to get into the puddles this morning. And retrieving her Daddy's newspaper at the end of the lane, and that I answered the plea of, "But I want YOU to go out with me!"

*Rubber boots that were outgrown weeks ago, but somehow, miraculously were managed to be squeezed into this morning. Me: But how did you get them on? Birdy: I just pushed and pushed until they popped on! But my feets are kind of hurting."

*An episode of Parenthood and Nashville (yes, I know, it's a train wreck. But I love it.) waiting for me on the DVR.

*Knitting needles in size 9 found under the couch by a little person, which means that Parenthood and Nashville will also involve knitting. Even better!

*Getting out of the house--Wegmans! And getting a little carried away in the European aisle...crumpets, lemon curd, PG Tips and plans for a formal tea time tomorrow afternoon.

*Rain--both for our farmers and for the excuse to lay low, stay inside, and hunker down.

*Nap times. For all. 

*Fresh flowers on my kitchen island.

*Some of my favorite people coming to visit this weekend, which also means some of my favorite little people will be coming as well. 

*A sick sheep who is well! And friends and sisters who tweet and text me advice at moment's notice. 

*13 years of wonderful with Dan--celebrated at our quiet dining room table, grilled cheese sandwiches, noodle soup and glasses of wine. And realizing how nice it is to be in your house together, alone, even if it's just for an hour or two.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and hoping you have much to grateful for. xo.