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I'm Molly Balint.

Mama of four girls, farmer of sheep, collector of family stories, curator of lovely things. With all this free time on my hands I also freelance write and bring old houses back to life.  

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A printable New Year's Resolutions sheet for kids



Hi friends! It is SO good to be back here after taking what was initially an unintended blog break, that morphed into a much-needed and enjoyed sabbatical! This is one of my favorite times of the year, much like the beginning of the school year--a chance to start fresh, reflect, set new goals, and buy a new calendar and journal, of course!

We've been talking a lot about resolutions at the dinner table--just two days ago my kids learned that they are not, in fact called revolutions--though it might be interesting to start a few of those. Each night it seems like there's a new round of "I want to's..." shared at the table, so tomorrow I'm going to get the kids to put pen to paper and write down some of their thoughts.

Just tonight, Mary told us her resolutions were to Learn more wacky tricks. Improve her British accent. And work on better comebacks for her older sister. All admirable things--especially that british accent--but I'll be curious to see what happens on paper tomorrow. 

Like the worksheet we fill out at the beginning of every school year, I feel like these are precious little time capsules of my children's lives. They are a snapshot of what's important to them, where they are, and where they want to go. 

I will most likely follow suit. I have several resolutions swirling around in my head, but think I need to put them down on paper before we turn the page on a new year. 

I'm sharing our blank resolutions worksheet with all of you, too. There's room to write in your own prompts or let your kids come up with their own--what we will be doing is above. Simply click on the first worksheet image to download a pdf copy! 

And that beautiful Anne Frank's definitely a good thought to start off 2014. 


Back to school: 'All About Me' interview worksheets for kids

Probably one of my favorite parts of back to school--besides the excuse to buy a new planner and oodles of office supplies, is the back to school "interview". I've been doing these "All About Me" worksheets with my kids for the past several years and I never tire of reading and re-reading their answers. 

Emma's is pretty much the same year after year... favorite hobby? riding. something you're good at doing? riding. something you want to get better at this year? riding. You gotta give her points for consistency.

Mary's answers draw me right back to the beginning of last year, the things she was into at the moment--dress up, riding her bike. And her plans to become a doctor have not changed in the past few years. (Though I'm curious to see what she says this year. I suspicious it's changed.)

And then there's Elizabeth. Last year was the first year she filled out an interview worksheet. I copied down her answers....

What's your favorite school subject? "real school work"

What do you want to be when you grow up? "a teenager"

What is your favorite outfit? "skinny jeans"

What is your favorite song? "Party In The USA" (This is where her mother hangs her head in shame.)

If you knew Elizabeth you'd know this is pretty much a perfect picture of her five year-old self. 


I hole-punch and clip these worksheets into each of the girls' sections in my homeschool binder. And then, when I need a good cry, I flip through them and weep over how fast my little people are growing up. 

I decided that this year's worksheet needed a makeover. I'm completely procrastinating on the other work I should be doing at this moment. So of course, why not spend an hour re-designing the worksheet? Perfect. After this I'll probably start organizing and editing my pictures in iPhoto. Then, I'll clean, organize and wipe down my desk and computer. If you ever need a procrastination to-do list, I'm your girl. 

So, if you'd like to do a little beginning of the year interview with your kids, feel free to download and print ours. Trust me, in a few years time, you'll be grateful for this little collection of memories. 

Click on the image above to download the pdf! Any questions? Let me know!

(FYI: Adorable arrows can be downloaded here for free.)